HSEQ Management

Our management systems have been externally audited and accredited by Bureau Veritas to meet international standards. We constantly seek new ways to improve and innovate our operations, to mitigate project risks and to exceed client expectations.

Health and Safety Management

We are aware of the inherent physical and mental risks within the construction industry and our responsibility to identify hazards, assess risk and to implement controls and supports to ensure the health and safety of everyone on our projects. We provide Nationally Accredited training and also conduct internal training whilst promoting a positive safety culture. Devlyn, in partnership with our valued subcontractors, industry and trade partners are committed to ensuring a culture that supports health, safety and wellbeing. Devlyn will strive to deliver all works in compliance with WA and federal occupational health and safety requirements.

Environmental Management

We are committed to minimising our potential impacts from construction works on the environment and doing our bit to reduce our carbon footprint in all our operations. Devlyn seek to deliver projects with minimal disturbance and impact to the environment. Through detailed planning and management; we work with project stakeholders to identify, explore and implement environmental control measures on our projects. Where possible Devlyn will reduce waste and recycle by planning each project; we will source our materials in accordance with our Responsible Sourcing Policy.

Quality Management

Our quality management approach incorporates careful selection and retention of key employees, integrated documentation and communication systems, internal procedures and auditing to ensure consistency and excellence in service provision. Testament to this is our track record of clients who have engaged Devlyn repeatedly to deliver successful projects, this is the best endorsement of our approach to quality management and finishes.

Company Policies

Devlyn’s company policies reflect our shared core values and expectations of our valued team – including our subcontractors and industry partners.
Our policies are embraced by all employees, ensuring fair and consistent practices across all operations.

You can view our company policies below: