Mitchell de Vries


During his tenure at Devlyn Construction Mitchell has performed a number of roles within the company, providing him with a unique, comprehensive understanding of the construction process.

In serving as a Project Manager for Devlyn, Mitchell brings to the company a wealth of experience garnered through years of working on large-scale projects. Mitchell particularly relishes the logistical demands of regional jobs as well as technically demanding projects. His keen eye for detail and passion for delivering jobs under challenging circumstances can be attributed to time spent as a carpenter in the industry.

After demonstrating his natural talent for collaborative leadership, Mitchell now acts as Construction Manager for Devlyn. His previous experience as a leading hand on-site has molded Mitchell into a supportive manager, with exceptional technical knowledge; as such, Mitchell now oversees the management of every job undertaken by Devlyn, consulting with other staff to offer his advice and support to every project.

Qualifications:   Trade Certificate in Carpentry and Joinery.

Diploma of Building Construction.

Registered Building Practitioner No. 101805.

Nominated Supervisor for Devlyn Construction.


Timothy Lynch


In his time at Devlyn Construction Tim has progressed through a multitude of different roles including: estimating, occupational health and safety management, accounts until finally becoming a director. This experience provides Tim with a wealth of knowledge of all aspects of the construction industry that serves him well in his present Role of Operations Manager.

Tim in his role of Operations Manager is responsible for overseeing the day to day functioning of Devlyn Constructions, entailing the supervision of Devlyn‘s team of estimators, accounts, occupational health and safety and project management professionals. A keen passion for the construction industry coupled with extensive industry experience and a background in accounting and finance allows Tim to direct the Devlyn team to achieve optimal project outcomes. Additionally Tim’s personable nature allows him to effectively consult with clients and subcontractors and to offer his advice and support to every project.

Years of experience in varying roles within Devlyn have shaped Tim into the ideal person to manage Devlyn’s day to day operations.

Qualifications:   Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Finance).